Development fund FAQS

Who can apply for funding?

Individual members Groups of members

I haven’t applied for funding before, I’m not sure if my ideas worth considering?

If your idea is innovative and supports our vision and mission for a safe and healthy world of work, it may be worth pursuing. Get in touch and well talk about your ideas.

I’ve applied for development funding before and my project was pretty successful. Can I apply for more funds to keep it going?

The Development Fund shouldn’t be seen as a continuous source to fund the same idea, but an opportunity to test out and support new, fresh ideas.

If the outcome of your development funded project is positive, and your idea can run on an on-going basis, we’d expect it to be funded through other sources. We’ll only consider funding the same type of project in exceptional circumstances.

What are the possible outcomes of my application?

We may:

  • support your proposal as it stands
  • ask you to revise and resubmit your proposal, or
  • decline to support your proposal.

Well always give you brief feedback on the reasons for our decision.

How soon will my application be dealt with? When will I hear the outcome of my application?

When we receive your application, we’ll forward your form to the most appropriate Head of Department or Director. They’ll assess your proposal and feed their comments to the decision makers. If the application is for less than £5,000, the Finance Director and Chief Executive will make a decision. For development funding of £5,000 or more, it will be the Board of Trustees who decide. Typically, this process takes around eight to ten weeks. As part of their assessment of your proposal, the Head or Director may contact you to clarify points in your proposal.

How much funding can I apply for?

We look at each development fund proposal on a case-by-case basis. Please make sure you include a clear breakdown of costs. Your planned activity must match the level of funding you’ve asked for.

What are the reporting requirements for my development project?

You’ll be asked to produce a summary report at the end of your project. Depending upon the scope and length of the project, we may ask you to provide interim reports.

My project will produce a useful tool or service at the end of it. Who’ll own it?

We’ll look at this on a case-by-case basis, but we'd expect to own the product.

What happens at the end of my project?

When your project is complete, we’ll consider with you whether there’s value in further developing the outputs of your project.

I’m based outside the UK. If I apply for funding and my application is successful, could the award be in a currency other than British Pounds (GBP)?

If you are a successful applicant, your application may be granted in a different currency, ie USDs or Euros. However, you’ll need to request this in your application form by including the project costs in your proposed currency, as well as the equivalent value in GBP. Please also add the exchange rate at the time of your application.