Development grants awarded

Remember, applications for development funding can be made at any time during the year.

Projects funded 2013

Melanoma Skin Cancer - exposure at work
The aim of this project was to estimate the current burden of melanoma in Britain due to solar radiation and to predict and compare the future estimated number of occupational melanomas using various approaches to reduce sun exposure.

Workplace Fire Facilitator training Project - South Asia Pilot
This project aimed to raise the level of fire safety culture in selected garment factories in Asia. A Workplace Fire Safety Facilitator Training Programme was developed and rolled out in countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

IOSH in Oman
A film to promote a new branch was produced to raise awareness of IOSH and its values and principles to the people and workforce of Oman and the wider Middle East.

Projects funded 2012

Young Enterprise Central Wales
This project involved the North Wales Branch supporting the Young Enterprise Company Programme. Members judged youth business projects and then presented a regional health and safety awareness award to the team that most embraced the health and safety ethos.

Secretariat support for the Council for Work and Health
This project was funded to provide secretariat services for the Council for Work and Health (CWH), over a three-year period. Set up in 2009, the CWH brought together a network of work and health-related professional organisations to provide an authoritative and representative ‘single voice’ on health and wellbeing issues.

Usability and Acceptability of Standardised Employer to GP Fit Note Communication
This project assessed the feasibility, practicality and acceptability of a standard letter produced by the Council for Work and Health to facilitate employer-to-GP communications regarding an employee’s ability to return to work with a health condition.

RPE project - employer DVD
Together with funding from the Health and Safety Executive, this project developed a DVD that provides employers a visual guide to implementing an effective RPE programme to control respiratory hazards in the workplace.