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IOSH has funded a wealth of occupational safety and health research which informs policy and practice across all sectors. Here you can find research reports, practical advice and resources to use in the workplace.

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We have a range of webinars including 'Learning from Tideway' and 'Return to work after cancer'.

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The Tideway Tracer Study is a long-term research project tracking occupational health and safety behaviours and initiatives implemented across the Tideway project, to create a sustainable sewerage solution for London well into the 22nd century.

Health and safety in a changing world is the result of a five-year programme exploring the health and safety landscape to help develop solutions that provide effective protection for workers and their communities.

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MENtal health first aid in The wORkplace (MENTOR): A feasibility study

Increasing people’s awareness of mental health, reducing stigma, and promoting and facilitating early help-seeking are recognised as key strategies for a mentally healthy workplace.

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Representing miners in arrangements for safety and health in coal mining: a global perspective

Mining is a hazardous industry; in fact for many it is the epitome of dangerous work. Therefore, calls for the right to represent the interests of miners in their safety and health has been a prominent feature of labour relations.

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Nanotechnology in construction and demolition

Nanotechnology is an exciting, innovative area promising great benefits to many areas of life, industry and commerce, including construction and the built environment. This research aimed to provide some clarity regarding the current use of nanomaterials in the built environment.

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