Letter from the Chair

September 2018

I am very pleased with the progress our group is making, having now reached a membership total of 1,295, which is fantastic, and I really hope we are delivering what our members want from us.

In terms of the group itself, Pamela Brown has become Vice Chair as sadly we will be losing John Boyle as Vice Chair at the end of this calendar year as he steps down after his six year term.

We welcomed two new members to our group this month namely Alison Wright from Samworth Brothers and Andy Powell from Tulip. It’s always great to get new members who bring new ideas and support for the group.

We had a great response to our Food and Drink Awards competition over the summer, with 15 entries, and a number from those who have not entered before which is refreshing. The three winners will be presented with their award at our annual conference at which they will also present their winning entries.

Talking of conferences, we are fast approaching our annual conference on the 02 and 03 October  in Nottingham, which will be a fantastic event and focuses on leadership, technical developments, good practice and mental health. This is our showcase event which is driven by the Food and Drink Manufacturing Forum and my thanks go to all those involved in its development.

Other events planned in the future include:

  • Safety Culture Change visit to Weetabix on the 25 October. These are free to attend and always delivers valuable insights, as to what others are doing.
  • Accident Investigation event in February 2019 at, in conjunction with the London Metropolitan Branch and will be held in London.
  • Occupational Health event May or June 2019.
  • We are also planning a series of webinars on various topics during 2019, including our awards scheme and the health and safety issues associated with multi-drop vehicle deliveries.

Machinery Safety is also a key project for us which we will be discussing at our annual strategy day in October.

Our network pages are an excellent source of information to keep you up to date with the group and planned events, so please keep checking for our latest activities. We are also using Twitter and LinkedIn, which of course allows you to provide us with your comments.

To end I would like to endorse the work IOSH is doing to attract student membership into the fold. As I have said before attracting new young talent, with fresh ideas and ways of looking at life and technology is a good thing, and if we can attract a student member to our group in the future then all the better for it.  

Andy Melachrino