Letter from the Chair

February 2019

The next six months for us as a committee is about planning, organising events and providing good content guidance for our members.  All of this is essential for your CPD so keep an eye on our events calendar and some of the articles and information we post.

As a taster, for the four risk areas relevant to our sector, we have started to plan what we can provide our members to support their professional development.  For practical understanding of safety during street works activities, we’re planning a visit to a street works construction site so that members can see first-hand what safety concerns they should advise on to protect the workforce. 

We also look at the practicalities of the dangers when installing cables in building structures and the hazards associated with this, mainly asbestos exposure.  We’re taking the IOSH No Time to Lose Campaign and making this relevant to our industry to see how members can help keep people safe.

Moving forward on the subject of mental health, we take a look at the new IOSH Mental Health resources and see how they can support our sector with a series of member engagement and case study share webinars to help members see what support is available and how to use this in their own organisations.

Finally, on supporting our members with professional development, we have a series of reflection articles of members progressing through their membership whether this be Graduate to Chartered Member or Chartered Member to Fellow.  It’s great that our members are willing to share their experiences to inspire others to progress to their next membership level.

Supporting your professional career path, if you have had a reminder about completing your CPD, there is a simple refresh guide.

Finally, on keeping up with your knowledge, the first phase of IOSH's new website has been made live where you can find news and views.  Take a look at the news section of the refreshed site, as it is a great way to place to keep in touch with everything happening in the world of occupational safety and health.

All the best and keep safe!

Arlette Anderson
Chair, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group