Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the South West Branch!

Ours is one of the largest IOSH branches in the UK with over a thousand members covering a very big geographical area. I realise that not everyone can attend branch meetings and compared with other branches some members can have a long way to travel, but it is always very encouraging when reviewing branch events attendances that we average over sixty members at each event and we look forward to seeing not only regulars at future events, but also those who haven't been able to attend in the past.

To assist with the smooth running of the branch, we have a branch committee which consists of several people who are prepared to give their time to making sure the branch works as effectively as possible for all its members. I am very lucky indeed to be supported by these very able committee members, whose main aim is to support the members and help promote the IOSH mission to create "A safe and healthy world of work".

All of the branch committee members can be viewed on the South West Branch network pages under the branch committee page and knowing all of them as I do, they would be more than happy if you wished to contact them and I would encourage all of our branch members to do so if they have any questions or queries.

One of the main parts of the committees' work is to generate an annual programme of events, which covers a wide range of subjects and we hope they are not only interesting to everyone, but also delivered by quality speakers.

All events can be searched from the branch events section or from the main IOSH events search page. Presentations from past events are also published on under recent events (link to new recent events page).

Please accept my welcome to the South West Branch and I hope to meet many old and new members at future events.

Chris Hastings
South West Branch Chair