Board committees

Supporting the Board in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to the Institution.

The Special General Meeting (SGM) held in May agreed proposed changes to our Byelaws which have now been approved by the Privy Council. The specific amendments have allowed the Board of Trustees to update its committee structure so that it will be able to reflect best governance practice and help us to continue the modernisation of our organisation.

We have created four new Committees of the Board:

Audit and Risk
The Committee will receive assurance that IOSH internal controls and risk management processes are fit for purpose, protect the integrity of the IOSH brand and are consistent with current UK good practice. View the Audit and Risk Committee terms of reference.

Finance and Investment
The committee will be responsible for aligning the use of resources (financial, workforce and assets) with the strategic direction of the organisation and support the Board of Trustees in meeting its fiduciary duties.View the Finance and Investment Committee terms of reference.

Performance and Development
The Committee will ensure IOSH is accountable to its members and enhance the value of the profession for the benefit of IOSH members in accordance with IOSH’s Charitable Objectives. View the Performance and Development Committee terms of reference.

Policy and Standards
The Committee will ensure the alignment of IOSH with national and global developments, sector policy and standards. It will also support the Board of Trustees to put in place the framework, currently WORK 2022, setting out the values, culture and behaviours of the Institution that will help deliver its core purpose. Policy and Standards Committee terms of reference.

We have created a skills matrix for each Committee to ensure that we recruit the best and most appropriate people to make the new Committees a success and to support the Board in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to the Institution.