Branch AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the Branch committee.

Name: Mohamed Naser
Committee Role: Secretary
Supporting statement: Continue following my second year as the branch Secretary to ensure that the branch administrations are controlled in accordance with IOSH Regulations and Bylaws I have been HSE Practitioner for the past 18 years, joined IOSH and regularly attend IOSH West of Scotland branch meeting since 2011.

Name: Fiona Duff
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I joined the IOSH West of Scotland Branch in 2008 and have attended their branch meetings as often as was possible as I found them very informative on the subject topic. I’m keen to offer new ideas to the committee to keep health and safety fresh so that it doesn’t become dated. I am currently part of a team of 4 who are organising and refreshing the Certificate of Merits Award Dinner and evening. I am also keen to offer ideas about new topics that may be of interest for the programme I believe that it is beneficial to be involved in IOSH West of Scotland Committee as this gives me the opportunity to contribute to the growth and future of the committees. It allows me to gain valuable experience of how the process of these committees work and it allows me to contribute to these already successful committees.

Name: Fred Cullum
Committee Role: Chair
Supporting statement: I have been a member of IOSH since 1986 and this is my second time on the Branch Executive committee. During my time on the committee I have contributed to support the Branch and individual members and have an understanding of the profession and IOSH. As Branch Chair I will continue to promote IOSH and work with Branch Networks and partner organisations to promote health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. I will continue to assist members both within the Branch Executive and individually through supporting Branch events and the meeting programme. I am also passionate about promoting health and safety to school children, helping to dispel myths and misunderstanding and provide information on the benefits of managing for health and safety.

Name: Joan Thomson
Committee Role:  Communications Coordinator
Supporting statement: 

Name: Alex Petrie
Committee Role: Vice Chair
Supporting statement: Since being elected in 2017 I have participated in the work of the committee, assisting with the branch programme, at branch meetings and in the running of the Certificate of Merit awards dinner. I would like to continue to serve on the IOSH West of Scotland Branch committee, in the capacity as Vice Chair for the coming session. I believe strongly in the work of IOSH and the benefits which membership of a professional institution brings. I would like to carry on developing the work of the Branch to meet the needs of its members over the coming years.

Name: Blair Boyd
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I am applying to be a fully elected member of the IOSH West of Scotland Branch to continue my work as a committee member. During my time as a Co-opted of the committee, I have successfully helped branch members navigate the IPD, CPD and PRI process. I have supported the University of the West of Scotland Industrial Liaison Group as a representative of the IOSH West of Scotland Branch and delivered a talk to university students on IOSH and how to become a Chartered practitioner as well as the benefits of the new Student membership, actively increasing the number of members in the branch. I have established a successful IPD support group to provide peer to peer learning support for branch members undertaking the IPD process. I hope to continue my work as a fully elected branch member in the 19/20 session and beyond.

Name: Lorna McBreen
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: 

Name: Brian Hume
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: Very personable individual who promotes the branch in a very professional manner.

Name: Fraser Allan
Committee Role: Treasurer
Supporting statement: Continue following my initial year as Treasurer to ensure that the Branch finances are controlled in accordance with IOSH Budget requirements.

Name: Brian Beck
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have supported the branch consistently over the past decade and currently support the committee as EWMG Branch Chair. I continue to present and arrange joint events with IEMA, CIWM and interested professional parties. I am a strong believer in the giving something back ethos, and am delighted to provide service in this area. I gain in this reciprocal arrangement as part of my CPD, learning about the mechanism of the body as well as learning about a variety of challenging aspects in the profession. I can confirm my awareness of and application of the committee membership requirements.

Name: Susannah McIntosh
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have worked in public services including the NHS, local government, colleges, charities, central government organisations and partnered with private sector for the last twenty five years. I am an ambassador of Switch and support public services through out this waste management network. I am also a member of EWMG and have been involved in organising speakers for the next joint groups events for, National Public services, EWMG and Education services conference in Sheffield June 13th 2019 for IOSH. I have a wide range of experience in the sectors including both enforcement and as a H&S adviser. I have supported IOSH within the branch for the last 5 years as well as volunteering on IOSH Council and IOSH Scotland between 2007 and 2013. I have availability as now a part time consultant to attend meetings at IOSH in my capacity as a H&S practitioner/consultant. I also use my own time to help support the branch. I have carried out minutes of meetings, help organise some events and participate in executive meetings. I enjoy supporting training initiatives and participated in facilitating groups, networks and presentations. I am supporting IOSH Scotland in November to provide a conference whose broad aims are: 1. Enhance the occupational safety and health profession. Developing its competence, capability and range of skills. Consolidating its central role to the success of organisations. Promoting positive public perceptions of health and safety. 2. Build strategic partnerships through collaboration. Forging mutually-beneficial relationships with like-minded organisations. Delivering practical and valuable outcomes for businesses to succeed. Supporting a shared vision of a safe and healthy world of work. 3. Strengthen our influence and impact globally. Empowering safety and health professionals and businesses around the world. Working with them to address local health and safety issues. Enabling a worldwide sharing of knowledge and learning. This is based on IOSH 22 strategic aims. I update my CPD on a regular basis and abide by the IOSH code of conduct and rules.