Branch AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the Branch committee.

Name: Cristina Vanella
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I would like to further explore IOSH activities and focus groups and collaborate on development.

Name: Gary Beckley
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement:  I am stepping down after two years as Branch Chairman but would still like to remain a member of the IOSH committee.

Name: Julian Mills
Committee Role: Chair
Supporting statement: ‘People should leave work at the end of the day in the same, if not better condition than when they arrived!’  Simple, but true!  The members of IOSH are key players in achieving this goal, by influencing the decision makers within organisations.  The Institution must play a key role in supporting its members in that effort, through its Networks and their activities.  It must also ensure our collective voices are heard loud and clear in the ears of those who can make a difference at the very core of our various societies around the world.  However, the relationship between the members and the Institution is symbiotic.  Every one of us can contribute.  So what have I done?  A short summary:

  • Member of IOSH since 1998;
  • Served on South East Branch Committee for 17 years;
  • Branch Vice Chairman for 2 years;
  • Branch Chairman for 3 years;
  • Member of IOSH Council for 9 years;
  • Chair of Council Working Party to develop Regional Working Parties globally.

I am the Risk Manager for a large Further Education Corporation.  This affords me the opportunity to influence those just starting out on their careers.  Through the role of Branch Chairman, I will be able to represent your views at the core of the Branch, support fellow Committee Members to ensure that we continue to deliver events which not only reflect current and future trends within health & safety but also support IOSH strategy.  I would like to continue my support for you, our Institution and everything for which we stand and so respectfully ask that you see your way clear to vote for me in the forthcoming election.

Name: Barbara Weatherill
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I would like to remain on the Committee for a period of one year to support the new Chairperson and the new Secretary.

Name: Mick Stone
Committee Role: Treasurer
Supporting statement: I have been the branch treasurer since April 2013 and I am happy to continue in this role.  During this time the branch has not gone into debt and the accounts have been presented to the committee every quarter and to the membership every year with no problems encountered.

Name: Sally Parkes
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: 

Name: Stephen Laws
Committee Role: Committee Member (Lead Mentor)
Supporting statement:  I thoroughly believe in this voluntary role, I became a mentor to assist those with a process that requires assistance, guidance and understanding.  I believe I can continue the good work that has been started.

Name: Don Urquhart
Committee Role:  Vice Chair
Supporting statement:  I would like to be considered as Vice Chair as I have attended and can attend regularly.  I have served the committee for 3 years, am lead mentor and have the necessary organisational, professional standing and people skills to be Vice Chair.

Name: James Warren
Committee Role:  Secretary
Supporting statement: I would like to be nominated for the position of Secretary when Barbara Weatherill steps down in April 2019.

Name: Raymond Wells
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: 

Name: Ed England
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: would like to continue my support for the South East branch and to continue my personal development.  I have helped to host meetings and am happy to continue my support with help from EDF.

Name: Mike Walters
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have been a committee member for the last 8+ years and wish to continue to support the branch in a committee role.  I continue to be employed by the HSE and am currently training new Inspector recruits into the organisation so I am in a good position to ensure that the committee and branch are working closely to the current health and safety priorities of HSE.

Name: Lisa Sherratt
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I would like to join the SE Branch of IOSH as a committee member to be able to share my knowledge and experience of working within a very large multi-site organisation managing a team of H&S, Security and Fire experts.  Joining the SE Branch Committee will also provide me with the opportunity to gain further knowledge and information working with other H&S professionals in a variety of fields both public and private sector.

I very much enjoy meeting people and working as part of a team to improve and develop organisations using unique ideas and approaches.  I am very enthusiastic about H&S and have an enormous amount of energy to put into the Committee role to push the SE Branch forwards as a leading area for other IOSH Branches to follow.

Having been invited to a Committee meeting recently, I would relish the opportunity to work with likeminded professionals who are passionate about improving the H&S message and generating positive membership and discussion around a range of subjects showcasing what the SE Branch can achieve.

I am an ex Royal Military Police Officer and civilian Police Officer, more recently working in the NHS as a Health, Safety and Security expert (which I have done for the last 15 years).  I am also currently working towards IOSH Chartered Status and hope that my new found skills will be of benefit to the Committee and its members.