District AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the District committee.

Name: Thomas Beswick-Brown
Committee Role: Vice Chair
Supporting statement: As a registered mentor for IOSH I will be able to help others through their IOSH course of life. As this opportunity comes for me to progress to Vice Chair I will learn a lot from the chair and my colleagues both on the committee and off it. It will allow me to gain extra knowledge and be able to pass it on to others. there is nothing better I feel than to help others and to learn from others knowledge and experience. As an active chair and panel member for the membership panel, I understand the importance of helping to prepare others to wear the badge of IOSH and to follow the Code of Conduct.

Name: Francis Woodward
Committee Role: Chair
Supporting statement: I have been the vice chair for the past 4 years and have attended branch meeting for over 20 years so I have a good understanding of the requirements of the role. I am aware of the communication between the committee and the Relationship Manager at IOSH and will oversee meetings and activities.

Name: Amanda Luby
Committee Role: Communications Coordinator
Supporting statement: With previous experience of writing content for presentations, websites and training sessions, I feel I can utilise my skills and experience to create clear and concise content for communication. I am keen to help IOSH build on consistent communication and promoting local network events to help engage new and existing group members. Ultimately, I am eager to help build up my local network to ensure all members get the most out of the events and information through building relationships with fellow members and enhancing their CPD. With an eye for detail, all content will be thoroughly checked prior to being sent out to ensure quality of all communications. This opportunity will allow me to gain extra knowledge from others, including members of the committee and my IOSH peers, which I will be able to pass only others. I am keen become a volunteer so I can help other people throughout IOSH as I have been helped by volunteers over the years.