Branch AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the Branch committee.

Name: Enrica Sergi
Committee role: Secretary, Mentor, Committee Member
Supporting statement: 
I would like to join the committee to support IOSH in the daily activities and mission.

I am passionate about health and safety, environmental and food safety too, always keen to learn more and working toward continuous improvement.

I consider H&S not just a job role but a mission and I always invest 100% of my energy to increase awareness at work and private life, by talking with people and sharing advices and good practices or by simply starting a conversation.
I am currently a mentor for young graduates in H&S interested to know how to start their career and how to develop new skills. I have a blog too, where I share my ideas about H&S news and legislations, but I would like to do more.
Joining the committee is a great way to invest my time in support of health and safety, the culture and people.

Name: Theodora Igbetar
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: As a health and safety professional, I am always looking for ways of developing and improving my knowledge in this sector. My goal is to always improve and be the best I can be, this is my motto and what I aspire to. Our role as health and safety practitioners is crucial in ensuring people’s health, safety and wellbeing; I am aware of my responsibilities in the workplace and always strive to keep on top of my professional development so I can offer the right advice to those I influence. My journey in health and safety has been one of sheer motivation to succeed and a passion to push through the message of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those around me. I did this by self-funding my Nebosh National General Certificate and I am now embarking on my Nebosh Diploma. Along the way, I have gained hands on experience and being part of IOSH as a volunteer will broaden my perspectives on safety, and I can be an influence on aspiring health and safety professionals. Volunteering for IOSH will be an invaluable experience in my career journey. I believe this experience will give me the drive to continue to improve myself and enhance collaboration with other H&S professionals. I have previously attended branch meetings as an observer, but I believe consistent and active involvement is the key to any successful development. My commitment to making an impact in my work and the people I come across on a daily basis links in with the IOSH vision of a safe and healthy world of work and the WORK 2022 strategy. I was excited to read this forward thinking attitude and I am very much looking forward to doing my part in the accomplishment of this five-year strategy.