Branch AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the Branch committee.

Name: Simon Cringle
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have over 10 years’ experience in representing colleagues on a volunteer basis in both the CWU Trade Union (2002 – 2006) and POA Trade Union (2013 – Present) for Health and Safety related issues, as well as general representation.  I have also been the Branch Treasurer for the POA for the past 6 years too.  I have been a serving Prison Officer since 2009 both on the Wings and in Operations.  My current role (since early 2016) is as the Prison Fire Officer in Works Services.  I have responsibility for the Prison Fire Strategy including the policies/procedures and the fire prevention/safety technology as well as liaising with the local retained fire service to provide training and familiarisation of the Prison estate.  I am pleased to have passed both the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management with a Credit in both.  I am a Technical Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health and an Associate Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

I have a real passion for Fire Safety and have a demonstrated history of involvement in the sector both as a Fire and Security Engineer in previous employment and an in my current position which I have been in for 3 years.

Name: Steven Crellin
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have been on the Isle of Man branch committee for some time now and happy to fully support the branch on the island once again.  Over the last few years we have as a team built up a good following and have tried to increase the numbers of members that are currently registered.

I have always tried to promote good health and safety on the island and will continue to do this as part of the Isle of Man branch committee if elected.

Name: Apostolos Arkoudogiannis
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I’ve been a member of the Isle of Man branch’s committee for a number of years and wish to remain in post for the upcoming year 2019-20.

Name: Shirley Reid
Committee Role: Secretary
Supporting statement: Remaining in post.

Name: Peter Quirk
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have been a committee member, Treasurer, and currently Chair of the branch for the past 11 years.  After two years as Chair, I believe it is the right time to step down and support the committee members old and new, as they may have better ways of leading and directing the branch to grow membership and give members more of what they expect.  In a time of reduced budgets and limited resources, the Isle of Man branch faces challenges potentially different to other mainland branches funding events with speakers and guests from off island, whilst trying to aspire to members expectations.  A new Chair, supported by a strong committee might be best placed to address these challenges – maintaining the interest and loyalty from members old and new.

The new student membership and possible graduate schemes mentioned by VP Tim Eldridge are welcome, and as a committee member, I look forward to promoting these to apprentices and younger employees within the Isle of Man.

Name: Mike Taylor
Committee Role: Treasurer
Supporting statement: Incumbent treasurer, standing for re-election.