Branch AGM nominees

The following nominees are eligible for election to the Branch committee.

Name: Louise Hosking
Committee Role: Chair
Supporting statement: I was initially elected to Chair in 2017 and again last year. I would like to continue within this role to grow the branch and reach out to members, non-members and local businesses who are not yet aware of what we do and the support we offer. I will continue to uphold the IOSH core strategy to Enhance the knowledge of our members via IPD support and Collaborating with like minded organisations and professionals. If we reach more people and influence those people we can all save more lives. The branch is a great support to me in my professional and other volunteer roles. However, i am also now looking to succession plan for the future which will involve supporting a new incoming Vice-Chair to take the role of Chair after me. We have achieved so much in Chiltern but there is still so much to do. I would be honoured to serve as your Chair for another year.

Name: David Whitelegg
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have enjoyed working with the committee for the last two years and look forward to continuing to develop the Chiltern Branch into the best in the country. I feel I make a valuable contribution to the committee.

Name: David Thomas
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I would like to be part of the committee both due to my role on Council but also as the sole academic to help forge relationships between the profession and knowledge. I believe it is vital to improve competence of the profession and to incorporate knowledge from research to practice to move away from compliance to making a change to peoples lives. I am a member of the Environment and Waste Management Group and Fire Safety Group with professional interest in a number of areas. I am currently Programme Director for the MSc and BSc Health Safety and Environment Programmes at the University of Greenwich although currently live in Buckinghamshire. I am also a member of IOSH Council and have always sought to represent the interests of the broader membership and am asking branch members to support my nomination for another 12 months on committee.

Name: Tony Cox
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: Forty three years employed by the Regulator as HM Inspector encompassing developments in UK & EU health & safety pre-Robens until retirement in the current decade, now is the opportunity for me to give something back by helping the new generations of H&S professionals. I was also one of the few Inspectors to step beyond just HSE competencies, becoming RSP in 1989 and a Chartered IOSH Member in 2005. Experience in investigation, inspection and enforcement in most industry, service and railway sectors during that time.

Name: Alan Plom
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have been an active member of the Chiltern Branch since 2011 and on the Committee for the past 3-4 years. I have organised speakers and joint events for the Branch, together with Rural Industries Group (RIG) - in my capacity as Vice-Chair (and now Chair) of RIG. I also wish to demonstrate leadership to encourage members of 'my' RIG Committee to be active in their own Branch Committees, to encourage 'collaboration' [in line with IOSH Strategy, Work 2022].

Name: Tim Birkin
Committee Role:  Assistant Communications Coordinator
Supporting statement:  want to contribute to raising awareness of Safety & Health and support the Chiltern Branch in organising events and meetings to do this. I have been a committee member in this role for 3 years now and hope to continue.

Name: Shurene Bishop Simon
Committee Role: Treasurer
Supporting statement: The role of treasurer became available in September 2018, and I was approached by the Branch’s relationship manager to take on the position, to which I agreed. Since then I have found the role to be a good professional development avenue as it gives me the opportunity to maintain my budgeting skills (which enables the branch with keeping track of spending to ensure that it has sufficient funds to carry out its events), and my organisation skills (which enables the branch to secure venues for its meetings). In addition, I enjoy the other growth opportunities that being a committee member presents. My role expands beyond finance duties and I am able to contribute ideas and actions for the growth of the branch and development of our members. A recent example of this is proposing IPD clinics to help our members progress to Chartered Membership. This is something which I am passionate about, having recently (July 2018) completed the challenges of becoming a Chartered Member, and knowing from first-hand experience the reasons why capable individuals delay progression. In summary, I am right for the role due to the versatility I bring to the group, being able to support the branch in fulfilling its financial duties, as well as extending my skills into other novel and defined areas as needed.

Name: Alison Newstead
Committee Role: Secretary
Supporting statement: The role of Secretary has allowed me to support the vital work that the Chiltern Branch committee undertakes to promote health and safety in our local communities. Facilitating opportunities for health and safety professionals to exchange ideas and best practice is crucial to preventing ill-health and saving lives. My own professional work gives me an insight into how safety-related incidents can occur. I hope that such insights can help inform the Branch work and improve members' practices and procedures.

Name: Mick Parcell
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I am employed in a professional health & safety role in the Chiltern area and an active member of the IOSH Chiltern Branch. I am keen to raise standards within the industry and would also like to give something back to my local branch. By becoming a committee member I can support like minded individuals to increase knowledge, awareness and understanding to help achieve a reduction in accident rates and ill health.

Name: Graham Webb
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: With my construction background, I feel I'm best placed to offer my experience and commitment to the Chiltern committee.

Name: Rosemary Brown
Committee Role: Committee Member
Supporting statement: I have been a member for a long time and want to put something back into IOSH. The Chiltern group are lively, active, interesting and varied and I would enjoy enhancing this and hopefully adding to the group with enthusiasm, skills and experience.

Name: Graham Webb
Committee Role: Vice Chair
Supporting statement: Given my construction industry experience of over 35 years, managing higher risk workplace activities, I feel I can offer a great deal to the role as I have been attending the Chiltern branch for the past year. The networking and interfacing of like minded professionals are key to making a difference.